A new curing method named "Utsuku-seal (beautiful seal)" to improve the quality of cover concrete


Professor Ishida, Kajima Corporation and Sekisui Seikei Corporation jointly developed a new curing method named “Utsuku-seal (beautiful seal)” to improve the quality of cover concrete. This method is very simple. A water-repellent sheet is put on concrete formwork and concrete is cast into the formwork as usual. The sheet put on the formwork prevents drying of concrete during hydration and cover concrete becomes beautiful and good quality.

Durability of concrete structure depends on concrete cover quality. When cover concrete has dense micro-pore structure, harmful substances is hard to migrate into concrete. Consequently, deterioration of concrete structure, that is, corrosion of rebar inside concrete can be prevented.

The proposed curing method realize not only beautiful but also high durable concrete structure.