Trapping a magnetic field of 17.89 T in stacked coated conductors by suppression of flux jumps



Masahiro Suyama, Sunseng Pyon, Yasuhiro Iijima, Satoshi Awaji, and Tsuyoshi Tamegai


We have successfully trapped a field of 17.89 T at 6.5 K at the center of a compact coated-conductor (CC) stacks (13 x 12 x 11.7 mm3) within 75 min by suppressing flux jumps. The CC stack consists of 200 sheets of EuBa2Cu3O7 CCs with BaHfO3 nanorods to increase the critical current density at high fields and low temperatures. To enhance thermomagnetic stability, the central 50 CCs are coated with 1 µm thick Pb with large specific heat at low temperatures. Numerical calculations based on the actual JcH characteristics reproduces the trapped field quantitatively. New directions for achieving even higher trapped field at higher temperatures and making use of the trapped field are discussed.


Superconductor Science and Technology: