Dynamic transition of current-driven single-skyrmion motion in a room-temperature chiral-lattice magnet


Licong Peng, Kosuke Karube, Yasujiro Taguchi, Naoto Nagaosa, Yoshinori Tokura & Xiuzhen Yu 

Driving and controlling single-skyrmion motion promises skyrmion-based spintronic applications. Recently progress has been made in moving skyrmionic bubbles in thin-film heterostructures and low-temperature chiral skyrmions in the FeGe helimagnet by electric current. Here, we report the motion tracking and control of a single skyrmion at room temperature in the chiral-lattice magnet Co9Zn9Mn2 using nanosecond current pulses. We have directly observed that the skyrmion Hall motion reverses its direction upon the reversal of skyrmion topological number using Lorentz transmission electron microscopy. Systematic measurements of the single-skyrmion trace as a function of electric current reveal a dynamic transition from the static pinned state to the linear flow motion via a creep event, in agreement with the theoretical prediction. We have clarified the role of skyrmion pinning and evaluated the intrinsic skyrmion Hall angle and the skyrmion velocity in the course of the dynamic transition. Our results pave a way to skyrmion applications in spintronic devices.

Nature Communications :