Real-space observations of 60-nm skyrmion dynamics in an insulating magnet under low heat flow



Xiuzhen Yu, Fumitaka Kagawa, Shinichiro Seki, Masashi Kubota, Jan Masell, Fehmi S. Yasin, Kiyomi Nakajima, Masao Nakamura, Masashi Kawasaki, Naoto Nagaosa and Yoshinori Tokura

Thermal-current induced electron and spin dynamics in solids –dubbed “caloritronics”– have generated widespread interest in both fundamental physics and spintronics applications. Here, we examine the dynamics of nanometric topological spin textures, skyrmions driven by a temperature gradient T or heat flow, that are evaluated through in-situ real-space observations in an insulating helimagnet Cu2OSeO3. We observe increases of the skyrmion velocity and the Hall angle with increasing T above a critical value of ~ 13 mK/mm, which is two orders of magnitude lower than the T required to drive ferromagnetic domain walls. A comparable magnitude of T is also observed to move the domain walls between a skyrmion domain and the non-topological conical-spin domain from cold to hot regions. Our results demonstrate the efficient manipulation of skyrmions by temperature gradients, a promising step towards energy-efficient “green” spintronics.


Nature Communications: