Propagation dynamics of spin excitations along skyrmion strings


S. Seki, M. Garst, J. Waizner, R. Takagi, N. D. Khanh, Y. Okamura, K. Kondou, F. Kagawa, Y. Otani, Y. Tokura


Magnetic skyrmions, topological solitons characterized by a two-dimensional swirling spin texture, have recently attracted attention as stable particle-like objects. In a three-dimensional system, a skyrmion can extend in the third dimension forming a robust and flexible string structure, whose unique topology and symmetry are anticipated to host nontrivial functional responses. Here we experimentally demonstrate the coherent propagation of spin excitations along skyrmion strings for the chiral-lattice magnet Cu2OSeO3. We find that this propagation is directionally non-reciprocal and the degree of non-reciprocity, as well as group velocity and decay length, are strongly dependent on the character of the excitation modes. These spin excitations can propagate over a distance exceeding 50 μm, demonstrating the excellent long-range ordered nature of the skyrmion-string structure. Our combined experimental and theoretical analyses offer a comprehensive account of the propagation dynamics of skyrmion-string excitations and suggest the possibility of unidirectional information transfer along such topologically protected strings.

Nature Communications :