Negative-pressure-induced helimagnetism in ferromagnetic cubic perovskites Sr1−xBaxCoO3



D. Maryenko,  A. McCollam, J. Falson, Y. Kozuka, J. Bruin, U. Zeitler & M. Kawasaki 



Interactions between the constituents of a condensed matter system can drive it through a plethora of different phases due to many-body effects. A prominent platform for it is a dilute two-dimensional electron system in a magnetic field, which evolves intricately through various gaseous, liquid and solid phases governed by Coulomb interaction. Here we report on the experimental observation of a phase transition between the composite fermion liquid and adjacent magnetic field induced phase with a character of Wigner solid. The experiments are performed in the lowest Landau level of a MgZnO/ZnO two-dimensional electron system with attributes of both a liquid and a solid. An in-plane magnetic field component applied on top of the perpendicular magnetic field extends the Wigner-like phase further into the composite fermion liquid phase region. Our observations indicate the direct competition between a composite fermion liquid and a Wigner solid formed either by electrons or composite fermions.



Nature Communications: