Quantized chiral edge conduction on reconfigurable domain walls of a magnetic topological insulator



Electronic ordering in magnetic and dielectric materials forms domains with different signs of order parameters. The control of configuration and motion of the domain walls (DWs) enables nonvolatile responses against minute external fields. Here, we realize chiral edge states (CESs) on the magnetic DWs of a magnetic topological insulator. We design and fabricate the magnetic domains in the quantum anomalous Hall state with the tip of a magnetic force microscope and prove the existence of the chiral one-dimensional edge conduction along the prescribed DWs through transport measurements. The proof-of-concept devices based on reconfigurable CESs and Landauer-Büttiker formalism are realized for multiple-domain configurations with well-defined DW channels. Our results may lead to the realization of low-power-consumption spintronic devices.



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