Techno Science Café - Let’s fly out into space!


Saturday, 19 March 2016, the 21st Techno Science Café was held at Eng. Bldg.11 in Hongo-Campus with substantial contribution from JAXA, YAC, and Boaing with their resources.

The title was “Let’s fly out into space!”, and participants enjoyed 2 lectures from Prof. Nakasuka and Astronaut Yamazaki, 3 hands-on activities including simple vacuum experiments, experience astronaut try out, and making a robot arm carried out by university students.

48 students and 28 adults (parents) participated. They enjoyed the lectures and hands-on activities. They learned about space engineering and astronauts (trials, training, life in space etc). Those are not only learning about the facts but it tells children never afraid to challenge in anything.