December 3, 2020, International workshop on Forefront Optical Lattice Clocks: from Curiosity-Driven Science to Real-World Applications


An international workshop on optical lattice clocks is held on December 3, 2020.
This workshop will be made possible by the collaboration of research centers from Japan, the UK and the EU, which are at the forefront of optical lattice clocks.
It will be an epoch-making workshop for the practical application of optical lattice clocks.

◆ Date and Venue
Date :  December 3, 2020
Time :  17:00-20:05(JST), 8:00-11:05(GMT), 9:00-12:05(CET)
Venue :  Online & Hall (University of Tokyo, Japan)

URL :  https://www.katori-project.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/workshop/20201203/index.html