【Announcement】Briefing for EDGE-NEXT entrepreneurship education program ( May 22, 2020 17:30 - 18:45)

Date: May 22, 2020 17:30 - 18:45
Location: Web meeting

EDGE-NEXT is the entreprenuership education program which develops global entrepreneurs and enables participants to create business plan based on research seeds. This year we focus on solving SDGs issues. First participants dig down the problems and next create solutions and business plan by the diversified teams. Lastly they will present their business plan in front of venture investors in the US.

We will gather individuals based on their interest in SDGs issues (Disaster and infrastructure; Healthcare, medical and aging; Environment; Power and energy; Agriculture and food; Others). Participants will form teams and do challenge to make business plan based on their passion for problem solving and their skills and knowledge (research or business experience). The fee of this program is free for participants other than corporation. Participants from corporation will pay the fee. We will start the program from the beginning of July.

Main features of the program are as follows.
(1) The program consists of three phases (Basic, Advanced, and Practical) which are suitable for the objectives and stages. We would recommend Basic phase for participants who start from digging down problems and forming diversified teams, and Advanced phase for participants who already formed a team and make business plan based on research outcomes. Practical phase is for participants who launch a real business as a startup or inside the corporation.
(2) Participants can brush up communication skills and build valuable human network through discussions with various people from university, national laboratory, corporation, investors, and business mentors.
(3) Participants can have chance to present business plan in front of overseas venture investors at Silicon Valley and San Diego.

Agenda of the day:
(1) Overview explanation of EDGE-NEXT program
(2) Talk about social problems by JICA
(3) Talk about experience by startup CEO

Intended for: University researchers (graduate level or higher) / National laboratory researchers / Research or business development personnel from corporations / Government staffs
Number of audience: No limit for briefing (About 40 people for the program itself)
Entrance Fee: No charge

Registration Method: Advance registration required. Please apply from the following site. Zoom URL will be sent to applicant.

Contact: The University of Tokyo, Division of University Corporate Relations, EDGE-NEXT Office