【Announcements】Global Solar⁺Initiative (GS+I) Research Projects : Open Technical Seminar

Date and time: 10/10/2017(Tue)) 16:00〜17:00
place:Eng.3 Building 3floor room no.320 in Hongo campus (charge free/registration unnecessary)    

Subject:Current status and technological challenges of hydrogen carriers
Lecturer:Junichiro Otomo
       Department of Environment Systems, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
       Associate professor

To evaluate the possibility of achieving the hydrogen economy, we need quantitative understanding of performance and costs for the processes of hydrogen production, storage, and transport. In this lecture,
technological challenges of hydrogen technologies including hydrogen carriers will be discussed comprehensively in terms of techno-economic evaluations.

Contact: The University of Tokyo, School of Engineering, Office of Public Relations
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Registration fee: Free

Global Solar⁺Initiative (GS+I) Research Projects