Japanese Language Class of the School of Engineering Yukata workshop

On Wednesday June 28, the JLCse held a yukata workshop at Engineering Bldg. 8 on Hongo campus.

Every year, this event is very popular among the international students at JLCse. Thanks to the volunteers, 29 students had the opportunity to learn how to wear a yukata and tie an obi on it.

Students chose yukata and obi for themselves, then started putting them on. It wasn’t easy, especially tying the obi on the yukata. With the help of volunteers, the students wore the yukata beautifully. Then it was time for a photo session. They took a lot of pictures on their own and with other students. Everyone had big smiles.

We hope the students take this opportunity to get familiar with yukata and the Japanese culture.

We greatly appreciate the support from the volunteers who made this event successful.