【Announcements】Japanese Language Class of the School of Engineering Visit by Sumo Wrestlers & Yobidashi from Oguruma Stable to the JLC

On June 14, the Japanese Language Class at the School of Engineering held an exchange between international students and sumo wrestlers to give students a chance to get acquainted with Japan’s national sport, sumo.

Sumo announcer Rokuro and two sumo wrestlers, Amakaze and Sakaekaze (from Oguruma stable), visited the JLC from Oguruma stable. This was their 5th time visiting the JLC. Amakaze weighs 200 kg and Sakaekaze weighs 135 kg.
At the event, students asked many questions about sumo and the daily life of a sumo wrestler. The two sumo wrestlers showed the students how to stamp down dirt and perform matawari (the splits), an extreme leg-stretching exercise to increase flexibility in the inner thighs. Then, some students had a chance to have a sumo experience with the wrestlers.

Announcer Rokuro gave a yobidashi (wrestler summoning) demonstration and some students gave it a try as well. Everyone in the room laughed from the beginning to the end of the event. We hope this experience will make more sumo fans all over the world.
We express our deepest thanks to everyone at the Oguruma stable!