【Announcements】2016 School of Engineering Professional Retirement Party (March 9, 2017)

 On Thursday, March 9th, the School of Engineering held a farewell party for retiring professors in the exhibition room of engineering building #2. Nine Professors are retiring at the end of fiscal year of 2016: They are Prof. Toshio Koike (Dept. of Civil Eng.), Prof. Keisuke Hanaki (Dept. of Urban Eng.), Prof. Chuichi Arakawa (Dept. of Mechanical Eng.), Prof. Tohru Asami (Dept. of Information and Communication Eng.), Prof. Kazuo Hotate (Dept. of Electrical Eng. and Information Systems), Prof. Yoshiyuki Amemiya (Dept. of Applied Physics), Prof. Kunihiko Mabuchi (Dept. of Information Physics and Computing). Prof. Shinji Hara (Dept.of Information Physics and Computing), and Prof. Kouji Kishio (Dept. of Applied Chemistry). All Professors among them and forty-five professors of the School of Engineering participated in the party.

 Moderated by Prof. Yasushi Asami, Chair of Dept. of Urban Engineering, the party was opened with remarks by Prof. Takehiko Kitamori, Chair of Dept. of Applied Chemistry, and followed with addresses from Prof. Mamoru Mitsuishi, Dean of the School of Engineering, Prof. Takashi Mino, Dean of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, and Prof. Masatoshi Ishikawa, Dean of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology. After a toast by Prof. Koji Ikuta, Dept. of Information Physics and Computing, conversation started.

 Prof. Yuji Suzuki, Vice-chairman of the Faculty Meeting, presented a medal to the retiring professors. Each of the retiring Professors made a speech. Prof. Ichiro Sakuma, Vice-dean of the School of Engineering conveyed the sincere thanks to the retiring professors, followed by ending remark by Prof. Takehiko Kitamori. Then, the party ended with a warm atmosphere.

Reported by: Takashi Ushida (Chair of Dept. of Mechanical Eng.)