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Spontaneous Hall effect in the Weyl semimetal candidate of all-in all-out pyrochlore iridate: Kentaro Ueda(D3, at that time), Ryoma Kaneko(D1), Professor Yoshinori Tokura, Department of Applied Physics, and other researchers.

Topological quantum states of matter, characterized by geometrical features of electronic band structures, have been extensively studied. Among them, the topological electronic state with magnetic order remains elusive because of a scarce number of examples. Here we present experimental observations proving that the pyrochlore iridate, when electronically tuned, can be a topological Weyl semimetal as predicted by recent theories. We observe a sizable spontaneous Hall conductivity with minimal magnetization only within a few Kelvin below the all-in all-out magnetic ordering temperature. Our theoretical calculation, which is quantitatively consistent with the observation, suggests that the presence of linearly-dispersing crossing points (Weyl points), acting as a source/sink of a quantized magnetic flux, potentially gives rise to such an enormous effect. The manifestation of the salient Hall response provides one important example of topological states, which promotes a better understanding of Weyl semimetal and indicates the new research direction for the topological-materials design.

Nature Communications :