Guidance for Creative Engineering ProjectⅠ・Ⅲ、Creative Engineering ProjectⅠ

This omnibus course is composed of nine different projects for Undergraduates (B3・B4 students) of all departments
and graduate students.
The following projects will be offered in 2018 S1S2.

・UT Drone Project
・Flying Robot Project
・UTChallengers Guild
・International Aviation System
・M-Skype International Communication
・Robot Contest Project
・Student Formula Project
・Electric Vehicle Project
・International Historic Car Rally Project

The following projects offered in 2018 A1A2 will also be introduced in this guidance.

・Sports IT Project
・International Internship

Time and date
Monday, April 9th, 16:50-18:35(the 5th period)

221 Engineering Building No.2, Hongo Campus

Who should participate
UTokyo undergraduates (B3・B4 students) & Graduate students

Japanese or English (Depending on project)

Not required

Participation fee

For more details
Please check the syllabus

Institute for Innovation in International Engineering Education, Global Center in Engineering Education Center for Project-Oriented Engineering Education

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Tel:03-5841-8800 Mail:secretary-esp@t-adm.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp