Guidance material

Guidance Materials for Autumn 2020 Entry Students

-2020 Schedule of the Graduate School of Engineering
-About Registration for the A1A2 Classes
-Notices to Students
-Change of Current Address
-Medical Check-ups for Autumn 2020 Entry Students and Researchers
-Campus Life Handbook-Hongo(Japanese only)
-Insurance for injuries from accidents(Insurance for accidents involving third
parties or their property)
-Guidelines for Information Ethics and Computer Use
-No Alcohol Harassment(Japanese only)
-Prevention of Alcohol Accidents
-Illicit Drug Use Prohibited
-Guide to the Libraries
-University-wide Education Program(Japanese only)
-Handling of Student ID Cards
-The University of Tokyo Basic Rules on Compliance
-Career Support Office(Japanese only)
-UTokyo Future Faculty Program(Japanese only)
-理工連携キャリア支援室(Japanese only)