Statistics : Research activities

Corporate Sponsored Research Programs (Sponsored Chairs granted by the Industry)

As of May 1, 2017
Name of Research Program Duration Value Sponsor
thousand yen
Healthcare Social System Engineering (BML, TSMED, OKAYA,TAKENAKA,VERISERVE,PARAMOUNT BED,KOBAYASHI CREATE) Laboratory 2006.7.1〜2011.6.30 230,000 BML,INC., Toshiba Sumiden Medical Information Systems Corporation, Okaya Electric Industries Co., Ltd., Takenaka Corporation, VERISERVE Corporation
2011.7.1〜2016.6.30 86,000 VERISERVE Corporation, PARAMOUNT BED Co., Ltd.,Kobayashi Create Co.,Ltd.
2016. 7. 1~2021. 6.30 143,000 Toyota Motor Corporation, DENSO CORPORATION, SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD., Japanese Standards Association, Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, VeriServe Corporation, Paramount Bed Holdings Co., Ltd., Kobayashi Create Co.,Ltd., Nikkenkyo
Laboratory for Urban Sustainability and Renaissance Studies 2007.10.1〜2012.9.30 156,000 Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd., Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd., MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD., Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., Mori Building Co., Ltd., OBAYASHI CORPORATION, KAJIMA CORPORATION, SHIMIZU CORPORATION, TAISEI CORPORATION, Takenaka Corporation, East Japan Railway Company, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. , Sekisui House, Ltd.
2012.10.1〜2017.9.30 113,000 Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD., Mori Building Co., Ltd., OBAYASHI CORPORATION, KAJIMA CORPORATION, SHIMIZU CORPORATION, Takenaka Corporation, Sekisui House, Ltd., Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., Hitachi, Ltd., TAISEI CORPORATION
Power Fronteir Endowed Chair 2008.6.1〜2013.5.31 200,000 The Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated, Hitachi, Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
2013.6.1〜2018.5.31 150,000 Hitachi, Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Ubiquitous Power Grid Endowed Chair 2008.6.1〜2013.5.31 130,000 East Japan Railway Company, TOSHIBA CORPORATION
2013.6.1〜2018.5.31 112,500 East Japan Railway Company, TOSHIBA CORPORATION, Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd., FUJI ELECTRIC CO., LTD., MEIDENSHA CORPORATION
Architectural Material & Component Design Laboratory 2010.4.1〜2013.3.31 99,000 ASAHI GLASS CO., LTD.
2013.4.1〜2016.3.31 99,000 ASAHI GLASS CO., LTD.
2016.4.1〜2019.3.31 99,000 ASAHI GLASS CO., LTD.
Environmental Materials Engineering 2012.10.1〜2017.9.30 195,000 NIPPON STEEL & SUMITOMO METAL CORPORATION, JFE Steel Corporation, Kobe Steel,Ltd., Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.
Environment-harmonized Energy Development Laboratory (JX NOEX) 2013.4.1〜2018.3.31 100,000 JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration Corporation
Chair for Global Consumer Intelligence 2014.4.1〜2019.3.31 258,000 Recruit Holdings Co.,Ltd., Culture Convenience Club Co.,Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI), Wellness Co.,Ltd., KPI Solutions Co.,Ltd., DWANGO Co., Ltd., LAWSON, INC., FIELDS CORPORATION, INTAGE HOLDINGS Inc. transcosmos inc.
Water Cycle Data Integrator (Nippon Koei) 2014.6.1〜2017.5.31 89,491 Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.
Management and Organization of the Building Process Laboratory 2017. 4. 1~2022. 3.31 250,000 Obayashi Corporation, Kajima Corporation, SHIMIZU CORPORATION, Taisei Corporation, Takenaka Corporation
Incubation for new IoT business 2017. 4. 1~2022. 3.31 $1,500,000 Do not publish

Social Cooperation Programs

As of May 1, 2017
Name of Research Program Duration Value Sponsor
thousand yen
Innovation for Engineering Synthesis 2007.4.1〜2016.3.31 383,209 Komatsu Ltd.
2016.4.1〜2019.3.31 116,217
Rocket and Spacecraft Modeling Laboratory 2008.1.1〜2013.3.31 230,780 Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency, JAXA
2013.4.1〜2018.3.31 285,000
Emergent Matter Science 2010.4.1〜2014.3.31 230,400 RIKEN、Institute of Physical and Chemical Research
2014.4.1〜2018.3.31 240,000
The next generation nano / micro devices and systems for low power information processing 2012.4.1〜2020.3.31 240,000 IBM Japan, Ltd.
Advanced Aero Propulsion Technology Creation 2012.12.1〜2016.3.31 100,000 IHI Corporation
2016.4.1〜2019.3.31 97,200
Urban Redesign Studies Unit 2014.4.1〜2019.3.31 150,000 FUKKEN co.,LTD
Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.
Technology Incubation for Glass of the Future 2015.4.1〜2018.3.31 105,000 ASAHI GLASS CO., LTD.
Creation of Innovative Inorganic Nano-Materials 2015.4.1〜2018.3.31 80,000 NIPPON SHOKUBAI CO., LTD.
Technology Incubation for machine tool 2016.4.1〜2019.3.31 102,000 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
Sensing Humaniation Design 2016.4.1〜2019.3.31 99,000 JAPAN TOBACCO INC.
Laboratory for Advanced Analytical Instrumentation 2016.8.1~2019.7.31 150,000 FUKKEN co.,LTD
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
Intelligent Construction System 2016.10.1~2019.9.30 75,000 Fujita Corporation
Laboratory for Material and Life Sciences for Fusion of Fluorine and Organic Chemistry 2017.4.1~2020.3.31 105,000 Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
Internet of Energy, including transportation and finance 2017.4.1~2020.3.31 88,500 TATEYAMA KAGAKU INDUSTRY CO., LTD., Hitachi IE Systems Co.,Ltd., EDISON, Internet Initiative Japan Inc., Green River Inc., THE JAPAN ELECTRICAL CONSULTING CO., LTD., TESSERA TECHNOLOGY INC., Analog Devices, Inc. , ASKUL Corporation, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
Development of advanced wind power technology 2017.4.1~2020.3.31 90,000 ClassNK, Hitachi, Ltd.

External Found Sources

Types 2014 Fiscal Year 2015 Fiscal Year 2016 Fiscal Year
Numbers (thousand yen) Numbers (thousand yen) Numbers (thousand yen)
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research 614 3,575,850 604 3,534,250 622 3,088,420
Funded Research etc. 251 6,805,314 262 6,486,325 311 7,630,945
Research Cooperation with Industries 347 2,108,235 385 1,981,840 427 2,541,595
Donations 350 739,202 344 902,908 345 939,135
Subsidy etc. 71 1,781,479 67 1,926,478 72 1,559,595
Total 1,633 15,010,080 1,662 14,831,801 1,777 15,759,690